He has made everything beautiful in its time, He has also set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11

What is beautiful to you? We all have a different picture in our minds of what beautiful is. Maybe it is someone special to your heart, or maybe it is that sunset which never grows old. Maybe its that car in your driveway or the rose in the yard. What about the dad walking his daughter down the isle? Or the birth of a child? There is so much beauty around us day in and day out that I think we almost take it for granted.

Time consumes our daily lives. All that we do revolves around it. We are bound by time, there is a time for us to be born, and to die. There is a 100% probability that this will happen to each one of us. Outside the rapture of course. Understanding God’s time is something, which is somewhat beyond our comprehension, because God is not bound in our time. In fact in this passage we see that God makes ALL things beautiful in His time. Do you know what all means? All, means all, and that is all, all means. Often times we see the ugly of our lives, and even have a human tendency to focus on the ugly around us. And yet there is something beautiful that can be taken from any and all circumstances. Especially when we understand that the God above, truly can and will make all things beautiful in its time. Be this something in this life, or the life to come. There will be a point where beauty comes.

I am reminded if so many things around us n God’s wonderful creation that each have a time, and a season for beauty. The blooming desert flowers, the butterflies, the small stream, and the … seed… . Each is a pointed a time and a season for beauty. Each goes through a process of transformation, a process of life and death. All seeds actually die first, before coming to life. Beauty often requires a process of life, death, pruning, bearing and so on. Friends, we all have our time, it is different and unique for each one of us. Its a special time to be beautiful, in our own ways. It is a time that is designated by the Lord creator of the universe.

Believe the promise found in this short verse! God keeps 100% of His promises. He will never forget the good things which He has in store for those that love Him and are called according to His purposes.

Part of experiencing beauty is understanding eternity. It is interesting here that linked with beauty is eternity in the heart. Often it is said that we are to heavenly minded to be any earthly good. I would contradict this statement to say that … We ought to be SO heavenly minded that others around us would see it and want what we have. Our heavenly mindedness and hope should be so powerful that we are of “earthly” good. When we are focused on the goal, on the finish line, we forget what obstacles are around us. Why? Because we know, remember and focus on the hope that is given to us beyond this life. This stay here is so short, and God has given us a choice. We can enjoy the beautiful things we HAVE, or we can be miserable in self pity of our short existence.  Today my friends I encourage you to write down all of the beautiful things that are in your life right at this moment. You will be shocked to find the list to be rather LONG.

Just a little note about life. We can go through life complaining that beautiful roses have thorns. Or we can go through life thanking God that thorns, have roses. See, He does make things beautiful, even the thorns. Did you know that a thorn is actually a malformed bud? Someday in eternity, even the thorns will bloom! Sweet huh? So take the time to stop, look, listen and feel all the beauty that is around you.

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