But now, O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.  Isaiah 64:8

The Potter …. The potter is masterful craftsman, with strong, steady hands. He is amazingly patient; he can make something out of nothing. He can see, and visualize the finished product, even before he has begun.

The Clay… Totally and completely subject to the potters hands, the spinning wheel, and the Kelm, or fiery furnace. What a mess the clay truly is, we may find it ironic even that Isaiah refers to each one of us as clay. It comes from the ground; it is nothing but sticky dirt. Walk through enough of it and you will be 10 inches taller before to long.

The Process…. Clay starts out as this unseemly lump with no distinguishable characters or features. As the potter throws it on the wheel, it is really nothing at all. As the wheel spins, the potter begins to press, push, and even stick his fingers directly into the very heart of the clay. The stress of the spinning and pressing begins to form a shape.

At times the clay may become hard to work with, it may become dry, and need to have water added. It may become damaged in the process, if it does not move properly in the potters hands. In the case of damage or holes in the from not moving properly, the clay may be beaten back onto that wonderful lump from whence it came and the very patient potter will begin again to spin and press the clay.

The Result… Is an almost finished masterpiece when the potter is done. I say almost because it must be put into the fire for a time, to be finished. This is also a delicate process requiring almost as much of the potters attention as the actually spinning and pressing. To much heat and the pot will crack. Not enough and the pot would become useless from being to soft. After the fire, the pot is now finished. Ready to be shown off, filled, and used, for its masters desires.

The Life…. As we look at this short description of  the process of becoming a pot, we can draw from it so many valuable truths about life, and its mysterious moments.

We see that the Potter in our lives knows what He is doing, He is skilled and masterful. He is patient, for He IS love. As the Master Potter sticks His strong hand into the very heart of our clay, it hurts us, we may ask why there Master Potter, why must you stick you hand there? Yet we fail to realize that His other hand, is on the outside, making a steady, ever growing shape, something beautiful is being fashioned from the inside outward. Without the pressing, the pushing the pot would never amount to anything.

So often our lump of clay gets out of shape, because we choose to not cooperate in the Masters hands. We might even try to stick our own hands into our clay, or worse yet, we often try to stick our hands into others clay. Either way this results in damage which must be repaired in order for the pot to be useful. More often than not, water is added and the clay, which had begun to take shape, is made into a lump again.

As we become more subject to the Master Potter, we will begin to take shape. Our shape from the inside out, masterfully crafted for a purpose. The purpose of honor to the Master.

2 Timothy 2:21  says “Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.” May we be clean vessels ready for the masters use, ready for the masters making and touch. May we allow the Master to stick His hands into the places that need shaping, mending, and molding. As we willing allow Him who’s hands are perfect and pierced mold us, our meaning is not only found, but seen as well.

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