Dream Again

If you feel you’ve lost that sweet place of hope… your beautiful dreams… Dream again.
A friend accidentally, and quite unknowingly pointed out that I had let go of this beautiful treasure we call dreams. I realized that I was afraid to dream again. My dream had been so beautiful. I had thought nothing could shatter or break this precious hope so cherished and so dear. But something did. Have I lost hope? I did. But hope, the Person of hope, never lost me. God is the one who sings over us in our sleep, the author of romance who creates these sweet dreams we treasure… and He is the same Person of Hope who takes our broken dreams and makes them like our hearts… whole. It’s a process, and for some of us, a long journey. I’ll admit… I am still just at a place of daring to hope… letting myself hope has also been a process… of forgiveness.
Allow yourself to dream. You were meant to.

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