It has to go through His hands

Before a heartbreak touches our lives… it has to go through His hands. 

She had stepped into the sunlight, laughter dancing in eyes.  Her face was always strange to me… there were no shadows, no gaurded look of pain.  She was Summer, who knew nothing of fall, or the even harsher winter.  Her days were those of brevity, to shortly here, to swiftly gone.  She makes my heart ache to remember her perfect joy and childlike wonder…

I feel like this girl is gone.  Lingering only in the back of my mind.  Something penetrated that lovely heart and shadows hacked into her features… distance flickered in her eyes… and summer was over.  Had God really chosen this for her?

To the heart that has been broken, to the soul that carries scars… if you turned your heart over to Christ, then this too is His.  He perfectly created seasons… some don’t always hold the weather that leaves us untouched.  I know.  But whenever a pain or hurt enters your life, know that it had to go through His hands first.  Imagine a God who has felt every splitting emotion, every throb, and every cutting heartache… your present pain went through His hands on the cross.

Then why do we go through it? Ultimately these hard seasons, struggles, and trails teach our hearts to beat His way.  Teach us to hold the Hands that are far more scarred than we dare to realize, and to know that He didn’t mean for us to walk… alone.  He walked alone so we wouldn’t have to. 

I would have you be summer again… but if this is your winter, catch the snowflakes on your lashes… and hold His hand… in hope.

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