The Silent Tears of my Heart

October 16, 2010

Am I just a face,
A mask that hides a soul-
Which man is it that matters,
The wise one or the fool?

Am I merely walking
A predetermined path?
Are my footsteps important,
Do they leave joy or wrath?

Am I just a shadow
Of the person I should be?
Am I like a ghost,
A being you can’t see?

If my wounds are hidden,
Does that mean they don’t leave scars?
Am I bound to sit in darkness,
Wishing only upon stars?

If my heart is breaking,
Will you ever see my tears-
Will you hear my silent screams,
Or know my deepest fears?

If I hide behind a mask-
Does that change who I am?
Which enigma do I then become,
The wolf or the lamb?

Can I be two persons,
Dwelling inside one-
A strong and able father,
A small and timid son.

If I walk in darkness,
What illuminates my way,
What guides my footsteps,
Forms the words I say?

If I live in fear,
Can I also dwell in hope?
Am I a contradiction-
Dirt but also soap?

Does my life matter-
Does it change the earth,
As there is a constant cycle
Of death and then birth-

Does it even matter,
As my soul is ripped apart…
I feel so alone…
These are the silent tears of my heart.

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