The violence of our pain and the goodness in His hands

It’s hard to put the words together right now… life is a canvas of colors we can only name.  We can’t influence the strokes or the splats.  We can’t even control the mediem used… but what we can do is release, and rely on the Hands that KNOW the subject He is painting.  We don’t understand the scene or the base colors He chose, but He does.  Pain and beauty are in His signature… Once completed and framed by His gentle, pursuing love… we become pictures of hope to others.  The process was long and hard… and sometimes very slow… but God didn’t leave anything out.  He hasn’t left anything out… right now your world may be shaking… but heaven stands.  Your heart may even be breaking… darling, you Never leave His hands.

Know that you are in process… even when you feel knocked out of the easel by the violent storms of life or when your paint never seems to dry but strays across the canvas, you never leave His hands… and YOU ARE PRECIOUS.  Now, allow yourself to be.  For some us, we feel our interferring hands have marred the scene of God’s choosing, never to be reclaimed… the Hands that are intricately crafting you are the same hands that pulled the stars out of nothing and set them to SHINE, the same hands that threw a universe into His heavens, the hands that had glory out of spit and mud, the hands that willingly were peirced, the same hands that bled…

With God nothing is impossible… that means you aren’t impossible.  God paints in strokes of grace and mercy… with hands that know, with hands that love, and with hands that never leave.

Written in loving memory of Charlie Harris. The lessons he taught me about God will never leave my heart.  He was and forever will be one of the best companions and sojourners I was honored to walk beside through some of the darkest hours of our lives.

He never gave up on me.

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