This one is mine

I remember hearing a story about a young woman who had been out with two young men that were like brothers to her. They had been downtown¬† strolling along the streets when they were approached by a man. The clear toll of a homeless life stared out from his empty eyes.¬† The young woman watched as her friends stopped to hear the man’s story. They listened and sincerely opened their hearts to the man, sharing with him the best they had to offer; Jesus. Moved, the man hugged the boys, but something changed in his eyes when he looked at the woman. He stepped towards her saying, “I want a hug from this one.”

One of the young men stepped in between them, saying, “No, not this one. This one is mine.”

At home that night, the young woman told her mother, “It bother’s me that he said that, Mom, because I’m not his.”

Her mother replied, “But isn’t that what Jesus does for us? He steps in front of us and says, ‘No, this one is mine.'”

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