I was fine just where I was, everything was just fine…
I had organized the tangles
And laid them out into a line.

I had plotted out a story
For every action I had a mime
I had taken scattered words
And wove them out into a rhyme.

But then before I knew it
I saw an empty stage

No matter how hard I tried

I could not turn another page

Time – who were you
To take what I had made and leave me standing in the dark?
Time – who were you
To leave me without sight – holding on to just a spark?

This ticking clock erodes away
The stage I set, the perfect play!
No matter how the actors stall
The lights will dim, the curtains fall…

And yet, Time – who do you think you are?
You are held by One who stands outside
All those you quickly stop and bind
He is the One who made you see –
He stops you with eternity!

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