Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Good morning everyone,

After seemingly endless, restless nights I woke up this morning after about 4 hours of quality sleep. I wonder why am I so restless, why is my soul upon the stormy seas. What is concerning my heart that keeps me up all night. Me, measuring this morning who is in control here? Who is the captain of my ship?

So very often I find myself over thinking the things God is doing in my life. He is the one who starts the works in our lives, we get half way and it seems I am wrestling Him for control through the night. My fears and anxieties getting the better of me. Much like Jacob did, then at the end of the night I grab hold of Him and command a blessing from the Almighty God. He blesses me and leaves me with this limp. why the limp I ask? Because He knows that if He did not leave me with the limp, I would run much faster, beyond the perfect time of His better will.

So many verses speak to this effect. Be anxious for nothing, but in all things with prayer and thanksgiving…. Perfect love casts out fear… The Lord stood with me and strengthened me…. Tomorrow has enough worries of its own (so why bother)…. What can a man add to his stature…. What good father gives his son a stone when he/she asks for bread.

Calm our hearts Lord. Take control Lord.

May our faith in You be magnified in the things we cannot see. May our hope be in YOU alone and nothing else. May we have hope in life, trusting the hope You put into our hearts and hold onto it. That our faith in you be evidential to others. Open our eyes Lord today, to the things unseen.

Give Jesus full control today of the things, you can’t see, the things you cant understand, give Him your hope, dreams and desires. See what He does with what you give to Him. Live this moment with excitement knowing that the good God is in control and that you have fully given it to him.

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