What God forgot

A small fragment of bread was put into the palm of my hand, and then I was handed a delicate and tiny cup of grape juice… To many of us know what these two objects symbolize without truly remembering… remembering the gushing blood, the flawed flesh, the blinding tears.  And why would we?  A remembrance stems from a visual reality… images. 

I turned the bread over in my hand.  Two thousand years ago, the body of the only perfect and Beautiful one was broken… Instead of eating the bread, at first when indicated, I tried tasting the word “broken.”  It’s so like us to forget what a simple word in our dictionary means.  How the word can roll over us without peircing our hearts, I’ll never know.  Then I ate the bread… but all I could taste was that word, broken.

I became distracted during the prayer over the “poured out wine,” beautiful and heartfelt though it was.  My thoughts turned to The Father…

“You never forgot.  It’s not like You to forget.”

A visual came to me.  Christ, who had always been one with the Father, was seperated from the Father bound to a cross, my cross… He was seperated from Himself, broken.  I saw the pool of precious blood… blood, it ran from the twisted crown of thorns down His mangled flesh.  Cruel, wicked nails were thrust through his hands and feet.  This man’s soul was broken, taken, and ransomed for mine… His body tortured… He- died- for- us.  Remember. He died for me. 

He was like a rose, trampled on the floor… He did take the fall, and he did think of you… above all.

Then, I thought again of God, “You never forgot.  It’s not like You to forget.”  But then, I knew there was something He had forgot.

  My sin. 

Because of Christ’s broken body and poured out blood… I don’t have to live a lifestyle of condemnation.  Then why, as Christians, do we do it?!

Maybe what God forgot… is what we should remember.  Not our sin, but this… 

I need to remember… that in Heaven, Christ will be the only one with a “broken” body.

When we taste the sweet juice of communion, may the sweetness in our mouths be the joy of our salvation, not felt in a moment, but lived in our very beings… this is what we have the honor to remember, and never forget.

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